Sunday, May 1, 2011

For Sale: Castle Grayskull: 100 bed/100 bath

FOR SALE:  Castle Grayskull; located in the picturesque forests of Eternia, this castle boasts a terrific view of Snake Mountain.  Interior is in great condition, save for droppings on the floor, as previous owner was half woman/half snow owl.  Comes with infinite power source that will give occupant super human strength.  Walk-ins welcome.

FOR LEASE:  Cat's Lair; this homage to gothic architecture has proven to be one of the most attractive properties on Third Earth.  Comes with a pair of two-car garages located in each of the Lair's "paws."  Retractable drawbridge provides added security from Mutants, Mum-Ra, and the occasional Robear Burble.  2,500 per month, 1 year lease, $500 deposit.  Use Thundercat signal to call Lion-O for more details.

 FOR RENT:  Former Rebel Stronghold on Hoth; skiers and snowboarders rejoice!  This new property on the ice planet of Hoth has just become available.  50 bed/50 bath, complete with command center, launch bay, and giant outer door.  Minor fire damage due to recent Imperial incursion.  500 per month.  If interested, flag nearest probe droid.

FOR SALE:  MEGAZORD:  The Power Rangers have new Megazords, so all old Megazords must go!  Complete set available, including Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Saber-Tooth Tiger, and Tyrannosaurus.  All Zords can be combined to form a Megazord, or remain separate if there are only compact parking spaces available.  01 City 00 Highway.  $500 or best offer.

YARD SALE:  Location: Veridian 3.  Enterprise D has just crashed, so we're throwing a three-day yard sale.  Great deals on tricorders, PADDs, Self-sealing-stem-bolts, coolant tanks, computer cores, isolinear rods, Mr Worf's workout videos, Ready Room goldfish.  Bring the whole family!

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