Thursday, September 1, 2011

Original Ending to Walt Disney's "Tangled" AKA Rapunzel

The following is taken from the script for the recent Disney film "Tangled."  This was to be the original ending, but was changed at the last minute due to budget constraints.  Enjoy.


Flynn, mortally wounded, has just cut off Rapunzel's hair.  As a result, her hair no longer has the power to save him from his doom.  Mother Gothel, enraged and rapidly aging, falls to her doom and she turns to dust before her body hits the ground.

Flynn... don't die!

You were... my new dream.

He dies. 

No, Flynn!  No!

She starts to cry.  Suddenly, she looks up with hope in her eyes.

Wait a minute!  I've still got my pubic hair!

She lifts her skirt and takes off her undergarments.  Twenty-five feet of pubic hair emerge.  She grabs Flynn's face and rams it into her pelvic area.  

Flower gleam and glow,
let your power shine,
Save what has been lost,
Bring back what once was mine...

Sparks and other forms of energy fly out of her pelvic girdle, surrounding Flynn's body.  His wound is healed, and he is brought back to life.

What... what happened?

I brought you back to life with my pubic hair.

I'll never ask you to get a bikini wax again.


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